Discover Connor Sports’ line of hardwood sports floor systems.

These hardwood floors are suitable for indoor sports surfaces such as basketball courts, dance floors, squash courts and more. Connor Sports has floors for all users and all sports. All of its products meet the EN 14904 and ASTM F2772 standards for indoor sports floor systems. Connor Sports’ hardwood floors are handmade, using North American maple. This natural material is known for its incredible resistance and beautiful finish, as well as its ability to withstand very intensive use.

Connor Sports’ hardwood flooring promises optimal performance, safety and comfort for athletes of all skill levels. The rubber pads also provide excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening. The floors are available in several colours, to better customize your sports field. They are independently certified and undergo many in-house tests.

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  1. NORTH AMERICAN MAPLE: Solid wood strips, 20 mm thick / 57 mm wide
  2. DAMPENING: 19 mm thick NeoShok rubber pads
  3. SUBSTRUCTURE: 2 criss-crossed plywood panels, 24 mm thick / 2.44 m long / 1.22 m wide


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